Judge Maria T. Jackson has lived a life of public service. Community is at the heart of all that she does, and strengthening our system of government services so they work for everyone has motivated her to run for Harris County Commissioner Precinct One.

Here is her six-point platform.

Public Safety


As the longest-serving felony court judge in Harris County, Maria T. Jackson has dedicated her life to criminal justice reform and public safety. Keeping you and your family safe while ensuring that we have a fair and equal justice system will be her number one priority.

She will do this by:   

  • Working with all law enforcement agencies to promote neighborhood policing to improve communication and collaboration between police and residents.
  • Hiring sheriff’s office deputies and constables who reflect and are sensitive to the cultural and racial diversity of the communities they serve.
  • Partnering with the City of Houston to fight human trafficking.
  • Collaborating with community stakeholders, law enforcement agencies, judges, DA’s, prosecutors and citizens to create a coalition to improve communication and collaboration.

    Flooding & Infrastructure


    We cannot prevent future flooding, but we can mitigate its impact on residents with increased maintenance of our drainage systems, sustainable growth, more regional detention and intelligent design with permeable surfaces.

    We must: 

    •  Stop excessive floodwater runoff.
    • Prioritize sustainable development and increase green space by partnering with the City of Houston, Harris County Flood Control District, the State of Texas, and other informed entities.
    • Implement public education and citizen-led initiatives.
    • Invest in transformative drainage projects.
    • Promote common-sense “green” drainage solutions like rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavement, rain barrels, and planter boxes.
    • Create a joint city/county commission to review preparation, response and recovery for Harvey and Imelda.

      Business Opportunities & Prosperity


      Nearly 17% of Harris County residents live at or below the poverty line. This is inexcusable in a metropolitan area as wealthy as ours. It is time to concentrate our efforts on strategies that will lead to creation of good paying jobs for Precinct 1.

      We can create job opportunities by:

      • Supporting small businesses willing to bring jobs and innovation to Precinct 1.
      • Identifying investors who can provide access to capital to help new and expanding companies.
      • Encourage the modernization of our existing business infrastructure, including innovations in advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics;
      • Working with community colleges to strengthen workforce development programs.
      • Encouraging partnerships between any future and existing large-scale development projects and workforce development organizations to design training that addresses employment barriers so everyone will have access to job opportunities.

        Education & Job Training


        Judge Jackson helped found the original YES Academy and feels strongly that education is key to securing successful futures for our youth.
        She supports:

        • High-quality and affordable education for all
        • Collaboration with the private sector to create workforce development opportunities for Precinct One residents.

        Health & Wellness


        Even with the best medical center in the world, many in Precinct 1 do not have affordable and reliable health care options. There must be access to mental health care providers who are sensitive to our diversity and able to provide culturally appropriate solutions.

        We need to: 

        • Increase our investment in community clinics that offer preventative health care and baseline assessments.
        • Ensure preventative health care addresses the importance of healthy diets and provides information about assistance programs offered by area agencies.

        Senior & Youth Programs


        In memory of her cousin, Commissioner El Franco Lee, who passed way while in office in 2016, Judge Jackson will continue Precinct One’s commitment to quality programs for youth and seniors.

        This will include: 

        • Increased funding for after school programs.
        • Continuation of the popular Street Olympics.
        • Recreational, health and fitness and more to keep our seniors active and engaged.
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